About Muhafiz Security

This Company was raised in the year 1992, and since its inception we strictly followed the principles of management in general and human resource management in particular.

Our employees mean a lot to us and we consider them our biggest asset. Job satisfaction and Job Security of our men are our prime concerned hence our Company has turned into a credible institution. Individuals who once join our Company want to stay on for lifetime and thus turnover of personnel is at the bare minimum in our Company as compared to other companies in the same business in Karachi.

Organizations who hire Security Services from us are confident of hiring professionals with some sense of organizational commitment and the smile seen on their faces are real and not artificial. We also provide HR to Organizations that have demand for it e.g. Drivers, office staff and logistic services we have provided a whole range of such services to LASMO in the part and look forward to provide the same to any client who requires them.

In a very short span of time Muhafiz Security earned a very good reputation and thus multinational companies one after another started hiring Security Services from us.

Soon we started providing Security Services to Gillette, Procter & Gamble in the province of Balochistan and Security Services and Communications to caltes and Pakistan PTA plant (then ICI PTA Plant) in the province of Sindh. Attached appreciation letter of PPTA of 10 million man-hours without reportable injury incidents is a proof of our professionalism and dedication to duty

Not only that, we provided Security Services \, Logistics and communications to LASMO British Oil deep into the province of Sindh at places with extremely difficult terrain and extreme hot climate like Kirthr Ranges, Sibbi and Dhadar.

We have undertaken the task of Security Services more as a cause and a mission. While the extrinsic objective of any business is to earn some money, our intrinsic objective is to protect the men and material of our beloved motherland.

We do not have any political, ethnic or sectarian affiliation with any party and we strictly abide by the rules and regulations applicable to the Security Companies.

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